Phil Dowse is the CEO of Phil Dowse Media, which specializes in creating and educating winning breakfast shows and developing promotions and marketing strategies that impact positively on ratings and revenue.

PDM believes ‘winning radio’ can only be created through ‘innovation, stand-out tactics’ and compelling content.

Our ideas and methods aren’t for the faint-hearted but do leave our stations with the winning edge from both content and revenue generating perspectives.

            Good for the station, Good for Listener and Good for the client!


Phil Dowse has a long history in winning radio battles and success where it counts – ratings results …

•  Winner: Best International Radio Consultant (Absolute Dowse) World Wide Radio Summit Awards in 2011 and again in 2012.

• CEO International Radio Consultancy, based out of London

• Duopoly Program Director/Group Promotions Director for Austereo in Australia.

• Strategist of the Year, Program Director of the Year and Australia’s most experienced Radio Programmer.

•  Phil Dowse is also a director of Absolute and Dowse, a joint venture between Absolute Radio International and Phil Dowse Media.  A&D focuses on the development of Promotional IP for Radio Groups in North America that deliver audience & revenue.

• Director of ‘’Radio Insiders’’

• Weekly Contributor to ‘’All Access’’, USA.

• Author of the most expensive book on radio programming in the world; ‘The Number One Book on Radio Programming, Ever’ . Offer me money and or favors and you can get a copy.