Extracts from 10 Immutable laws for Content Directors who want to stay employed...

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  1. They attend sales meetings & they get involved and stay involved. This way, the crap is kept off the air.
  2. They communicate station programming goals and talk programming to the Sales Team.
  3. They up date Sales as to changes in market forces.
  4. They are pro-active in finding/developing Sales Sponsorship opportunities.
  5. They have a good knowledge of the station's core clients and their goals, so as to be on the lookout for opportunities.
  6. They offer most weekends for sponsorship, and plan ahead to give sales time to make the most of these opportunities.
  7. They run joint Sales and Programming meetings and monitor sessions.
  8. They ensure a sales representative is at all promotions meetings.
  9. They assist in pulling together semi regular brainstorms for the sales team as an agenda item in Presenter Meetings.
  10. The PD helps keep an up to date ideas bank on the go for easy access by the sales team.


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