Whatever you’re wanting to do it will be accelerated with Dowsey on your side.


Mark Reason

Star Radio

United Kingdom




I trust humans as to be one of the most valuable assets of a company. I trust in a personal relationship that goes beyond the office walls. I trust in the quality of a person that comes hand in hand with the professional expertise. That being said, I had the privilege to work not only with a smart, creative, visionary radio consultant guy, but also with a friend! I’ve met Phil Dowse when we implemented the amazing campaign Two Strangers and a Wedding on Radio 21 Romania. Huge impact, great ratings! Soon after, Phil became „one of us”! Creativity, passion, vision, cutting edge strategy comes natural to Phil. Whether he preps the morning guys in inspiring bootcamps, or he explains promotions, he has a remarkable, very well-balanced approach, and his ideas are always solution-oriented.


Alex Macavei

Radio 21





I love working with Phil, as I know I am always going to get an impartial health check on how my show is doing, which when you are so heavily involved in something, working on it day to day, it is so important to hear from someone else, whether we are going in the right direction, wrong direction, improving, dipping below our own standards and so on.  So you also get honesty – which is a major rule of our show.  If it is good – you get told it is (which doesn’t always happen with consultants!), if it is not that good you get suggestions/solutions on how you can make it better and improve. Invaluable!


Gareth Setter

Program Director

Real Radio, Wales




Phil makes a difference quickly. He’s intuitive, very creative  and vastly experienced so his impact on the product is accelerated and when he talks to your team he speaks with authority and they respond. Phil also has tons of creative ideas which add extra dimensions to the product and once again increases the impact he has.


Duncan Campbell

Group Content Director ARN





Since the arrival of Phil Dowse on our part of the world, East Coast Radio has never been the same. His dogged determination to make us succeed has spilled over to every member of the radio station with more people asking questions, creating new ideas and working hard to ensure that the final product is something we can all be proud of.


His understanding of promotions and what to do, to excite listeners and keep them guessing that has certainly elevated our promotional activity and kept our market talking about us.


The impact he has had on the breakfast show has been immense. He aided with the casting a comedian who had never done radio before (ever) to the assistance, insight and tips and tricks to fast track our host Darren Maule has been immense. If you listened to our breakfast show, you would never believe that both the producer and the host had never worked in radio before but now have become a key start to our market's morning entertainment.


Through his product team structure, the impact we have on our listeners on a daily basis and the credit that we are winning in the market has gained us much talk-ability. His attention to detail is infectious and we are constantly thinking through our planning to ensure that we create great, memorable content continuously.


Naveen Singh

Program Director

East Coast Radio


South Africa




Phil Dowse has been working with Beat 102-103 on and off since the station first began broadcasting in 2003.  During that time, Phil has helped ensure Beat delivers on its mantra of wanting to stand out and be different to everything else on the Dial.  Phil’s work with Beat has been largely centred around improving Beat Breakfast (which has consistently grown over the years) and supplying and helping orchestrate major station promotions.  These include 2 Strangers and a Wedding (which was multi award winning for Beat) and the ever popular Fugitive.  From laying the seed of the promotion, right through to the grand finale, Phil was with us every step of the way to tweak and improve output where necessary.  He’s an approachable, talented, innovative individual who shares the passion of radio with whatever station he is working with at any given time.  All the team is excited about working with Phil in 2013 to bring the station to new heights as it celebrates ten years on air.’ 


Gabrielle Cummins,

CEO/Programme Controller Beat 102-103.





Phil Dowse has been involved in ‘Real Radio Breakfast with Dixie and Gayle’ from the very beginning and has been instrumental in the show’s development. His advice and guidance has helped to bring structure to the show; a confidence boost when needed and an honest account of where things haven’t worked – and have. Alternatives are always suggested; constructive criticism offered.

Over the years, Phil has really got under the skin of the show, listening regularly and getting to know it inside out. He’s therefore formed a realistic and holistic view of the show, enabling him to comment with accuracy at all times. Because of his regular input, his advice is trusted and always welcome.  


Ricky Durkin

Program Director

Real Radio Yorkshire





Just a note of thanks for your ongoing support and advice.

We are delighted with our two Sony nominations this year but for one of them to be for Gary and Lisa in the Best Breakfast Show category is massively gratifying for the whole team.


I'm thrilled to bits. Many many thanks for your help.


Jon Kirby

Program Director

Real Radio NE




He's done us proud beyond the call of duty.


David Lloyd

Orion Media





Hi Phil,


Massive thank you your way for all your invaluable input!

Sony award nomination for best breakfast show



Amy Voce

Gem 106





"From promotions to programme ideas, Phil Dowse IS the man. You may not always agree with him - but the chances are he's right......He's also great to have a meal with as he never has a problem ordering second helpings. And because he consults to the world - he never hangs around for too long. That's a bonus."


Peter Gordon

Program Director 964 The Eagle

Asst Group PD, UKRD...

Following the stations best Rajar results in 10 years. August 2008.


Who would have thought we would have the number 1 breakfast team again in under a year!!!!  It all started with you!

Talk soon

Stuart Endersby
Program Director 1023 Mix FM, Australia


Dear Phil,

Two years ago when we began the changes on SuomiPOP the station had 480.000 weekly listeners. Now the figure is 864.000.

Big THANKS!!!!

Juha Kakkuri
Program Director Suomi Pop, Finland


The saying common sense isn't so common, could have been written for Phil Dowse. Phil has the rare ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly and then explain a logical solution in plain language that everyone understands.

It's his common sense approach that makes Phil the most insightful programming consultant I have worked with.

Andrew Dower,
CEO, Radio Investments,
Czech Republic.


Phil has impressed me with his passion for radio and his common sense approach to building bigger and more loyal audiences.

John Simons,
Group Program Director,
Guardian Media Group,


Practicle, knowledgeable and effective, Phil Dowse brings a wealth of experience to tackle pretty well every problem that the radio product has to confront.

William Rogers,


Phil Dowse is a wanker. He once told me the secret of great radio consultancy - "if you don't know the answer then just make it up".

Since we teamed up with Phil we have been exposed to the full depth of his knowledge and expertise - it's about as good as Paris Hilton's singing voice and worse than Britney's skills as a mum.

Having said that, there are times when brilliance does shine through. He manages to combine consultancy visits with major concerts and his love of free tickets is unrivalled...

Ciaran Davis,
CEO, 98FM,