What we provide – overview
Suggested area of focus
Other services available
Market visits – what happens

What we Provide - Overview

  • On-going advice input into the station’s Programming Strategy.
  • Advice on general programming matters in relation to the day-to-day operation of the station.
  • Advice in relation to on and off air Marketing, Branding and Promotional Tactics.
  • Ongoing advice with respect to the development of the station’s breakfast show.
  • Advice with respect to the station’s Music Policies.
  • Cutting edge information in relation to Radio Trends across the industry.
  • Strategic Training Sessions for the relevant staff of the Radio Station on agreed topics during market visits.
  • Marketing Warfare – Positioning and repositioning the opposition.
  • Advice in relation to station imaging.
  • Weekly PDM Update Newsletter


Suggested Area of Focus

Breakfast Show Development

Monitoring the ‘Breakfast Landscape’ and identifying opportunities. This includes looking at;

  • The Current Reality, where you are now.
  • Where do you want to be, and how do we get there.

An analysis of the traits of winning Breakfast Shows.


Clear Roles

Primal Themes

Making people talk about you

One large benchmark

Theatre of the mind

Reflecting the listeners world

Never above the audience

Displays emotion & empathy

Playful with affectionate kidding

Longevity with continued commitment

Establishment of a Breakfast ’Black Book’, a definitive step by step approach to Breakfast Radio. This will become the cornerstone of the station’s strategy.

Identifying the Personality and Role Definitions within the breakfast team.

Building Primal Characteristics in breakfast and beyond.

Breakfast “Benchmark” Features assessment and development.

Working to get the most out of The PD/ Breakfast Team Relationship

Presentation skills, show preparation, making that emotional connection with the audience, maximizing on-air opportunities and how to seize the moment.

Promotions and Marketing.

A hands on approach to Promotions and Marketing which includes the formulating of a Strategic Marketing Plan.

This is step one in the development of a tactical plan that works for your station and its listeners.

We can talk you through the best promotions and marketing plans available and assist in the selection of tactics. We can also assist in the on air execution of tactics. Picking the right tactic is one thing - making it sound great and getting the credit for it is certainly another.

We will also work side by side with your Promotional and Programming team to develop new ideas developed specifically and exclusively for your station.

Many world famous promotional campaigns such as Two Strangers and A Wedding, The Love Triangle, the Lie Detector, The Fugitive and Workplace Mole were developed at Phil’s stations in Australia.


Other Services Available

NTR Snapshot… Coming Soon

Assistance with gaining an understanding of the powerful Product Team Concept and the subsequent formulation and operation of the Product Team.

Market Monitoring Reports to analyze opportunities and to report on opposition Strengths and Weaknesses.

Hands on training in the running of Listener Advisory Boards and other Research tactics.

Access to the world of ‘’Non Traditional Revenue’’. See how massive amounts of revenue are being generated by great stations around the world.

Access to Training Sessions, which can be made available during all market visits.

Sessions available include;

  • When Music alone is not enough - how to bullet proof your station.
  • How to form a Product Team
  • A Day in the Life of the PD
  • The Master Programmer
  • Listener Advisory Boards - how to get the best out of them
  • Promo Ideas - Use them or Lose Them - 100 new ideas for
  • development
  • How to construct an On Air Music Campaign.
  • Brainstorming.

In addition, seminars can be especially prepared based on your ongoing needs.


Market Visits - What Happens

Market visits are a critical part of this type of relationship. They should be planned as far a head as is possible so the resulting work can impact on the air at critical Rajar/Survey periods.

A written agenda will be formulated by the Station’s Management in consultation with PDM at least two weeks prior to the visit. This will allow preparation, where required.

Time should be allocated in all Market Visits for station and opposition monitoring, particularly with respect to the 5 M’s;

  • Mornings (Breakfast), our and theirs
  • Music….Is it spot on?
  • Messages…what’s happening between the songs?
  • Marketing…Is the plan strategically sound?
  • Memorability….do we cut through?

A written Market Visit Summary Report will be provided within one week of the visit