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A Great Way To Market Your Morning Show...
...With Little To No Budget.

Four Ideas For Your New Year

Giving Listeners More Reasons To Love You

Improving Your Worth...
...and keeping your job.

Stuff to Know in Order to Drive Your Competition Crazy and Win!
Know yourself, your customer and your enemy.

The Politics of Great Radio
It’s so easy to assume that making ‘Radio’ is something that happens just between the records.

News and Programming….How does your station score?
Over the years most music station programmers have spent very little time on their stations News product.

Do You Rule The System Or Does The System Rule You???
Pretty important question actually and one worth thinking about.

So you don't have kids
Most breakfast/morning shows have a target that is far broader than their actual core.

Talent is King
Every station in your TSA has the potential to mirror your music and your service elements like weather, travel and news. Great talent however cannot be copied.

Email Marketing
Emails are the quickest way to touch your listeners...as long as they are executed properly...everytime

How to do a Five Star Promotion
Is the Contest you are doing now driving your listeners away?...Find out here.

Truths about radio
..for Program Directors only.

Phone topics
A great source of inspiration for all Breakfast/Morning Shows.

Well, that ruffled a few feathers...
All about Morning Shows, prep and what makes compelling radio.

Is your breakfast show lazy?
Check here to find out. If so, sack them then go to lunch.

Being Better
Being Different is more important than being better. Read why.