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The Politics of Great Radio

David Day

It’s so easy to assume that making ‘Radio’ is something that happens just between the records.

To work in this business, ‘Radio’ must be a passion. A successful ‘Radio’ person eats, sleeps, breathes and lives radio 24 hrs a day.

Every contact they have with a listener is a great opportunity to affect that listeners life and create an emotional bond with them….after all we are really in the ‘Communication’’ business.

Think about how you have been impacted by meeting someone in your life!

Your talent, your receptionist, your interns must all be coached in how to handle contact with a listener. Don’t assume that just because they work for your station that they are taking every opportunity to meet, greet and brand your station.

It’s like being a politician who is trying to win over a voter. The vote in this case is a tick in the diary.

Here is a test.

Take a walk past the studio right now. Are the phones ringing and not being answered? If they are you are possibly about to lose your most active listeners. ……

In the studio or out in the street, when you talk to one person, you actually influence ten more by how that person tells their friends about the experience they had.


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