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News and Programming… How does your station score?

Over the years most music station programmers have spent very little time on their stations News product.

Not much has really changed. News teams are still taken for granted……


  • How many times do programmers listen to an entire news bulletin making notes?
  • How many snoop sessions does the PD/PC have with News readers each week?
  • Do they catch up with news editor/director each week?
  • Is the News Editor involved in station strategy meetings?
  • Is News discussed at Listener Advisory Boards?
  • If a news reader is involved in the breakfast show….do they take part in the occasional breakfast snoop session?
  • How much time does programming spend researching your audiences News/Weather needs and wants?

So, based on this lack of attention, clearly News is not a priority for Programmers.

Its nothing more than a tiresome and irrelevant 3 minute interruption to programming…. as one UK PD was heard to say recently.

So WHY do most daytime news bulletins on Hot AC/AC radio stations around the world run around 3 minutes.

That’s longer than every presenter talk break in the hour combined!

News MUST be important!!   And finally it is beginning to be treated with the respect that it deserves.

This is a big world wide trend in radio.

"We’ll be back after the News"… the old way

News as a part of the stations total programming product… the new way

In 2008 with iPods and all the other nasty recent inventions, it is content…like news, information and entertainment that sets radio apart. It is radio’s future.

More talk less music!!

Content is King.

What’s between the music is becoming even more important. It’s the integration of the entire radio product.

That’s why it is important in 2008 to reassess how the total News product is being presented to meet the shifting needs of programming and audience interests.

These notes came from a presentation at the recent UKRD News Conference in London. Congratulations to  William, Phil, PG, Tristan and the team on a  great couple of days.


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