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Email marketing

Where would be without emails?!! I'm sure quite a few of us would be lost and wouldn't know how to pick up a pen and write a letter! In this day and age of instant gratification, we rely on emails as one of our main forms of communication.

Emails are the quickest and most cost effective way to build a relationship with our colleagues, friends, clients and listeners& as long as they are executed correctly. Marketing expert Seth Green says ALL email messages should be personal, relevant and anticipated.

Here's some tips on how to market your radio station to your loyal listeners and getting new ones too.

  • Grow the relationship with your database by building trust& send a meaningful email and make sure you stick to the stated privacy policies.
  • Each email should have a 'right now' value to it. Is there anything that's bringing a benefit to the person as they are reading it?
  • Take a look at your own Inbox to see what you receive on a daily basis& .are they relevant and useful to you?
  • Brand your station with every email that is sent out& this one is obvious!· Emails should be call to action. Are you asking people to listen to your station?
  • Don't expect the listeners to read an email as soon as they receive it. Don't send an email out on Monday morning about an event that's on Monday night. Your listeners have lives and need to plan their busy schedules.
  • Who the email from is important but what the subject line is even more important. 'We're sending people to Vegas' is clearly more appealing than 'August Newsletter'.
  • Sending listeners birthday messages is a double win for the station. It's great for the listener and the sales department. Special offers from businesses in the listeners area, eg: like a spa can be included as 'What a better day to spoil yourself than on your birthday!'
  • Broadcasters have a tool that most email marketers don't...the airwaves. Talk it up on the air. Ask on the air if VIPs have checked their inbox today with opportunities to win etc.
  • Talk about the benefits in the email. If there aren't any benefits...don t send it.
  • Use the what would you read rule? Go through the email thoroughly and decide if it is something that you would want to read. Do I find this compelling?
  • Keep your email short and to the point. Write two or three lines and put a link 'click here for more information'.

Source: Radio + Record, March 9th 2007, Based on the article by Ken Tucker and Preslaff Interactive President, Ruth Presslaff

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