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Truths about radio

  • The station product team is everything. If you don't have one or they can't impact on the product, you will lose.
  • You must have allies in the station.
  • A selector scientist is to be treasured. Pay them well.
  • General Managers/Station Managers can be a hindrance for Programmers. Often they know just enough to be dangerous. Watch them.
  • Too many meetings and they are all probably too long.
  • You need to be strong and decisive.
  • Concentrate on what matters. Mornings, music, marketing and delivering memorable radio.
  • Don't get caught up in record company meetings. If record companies love your music director, you have a problem.
  • Let outside people rip your station apart.
  • Great breakfast/morning show planning is essential.
  • Monitor, Monitor, Monitor.
  • Production Mangers don't listen to enough radio.
  • Be Sales friendly.
  • Read point one again.

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