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Talent is King

Every station in your TSA has the potential to mirror your music and your service elements like weather, travel and news.

Great talent however cannot be copied (particularly in breakfast/mornings).

Great talent is still king.

Here are a few other statements that still remain in tact.

• Mornings are your flagship.

• They set the mood and the culture of the station.

• The greater the station - The greater the talent.

• The greater the talent - The greater the station.

• Without great talent, you don't stand out.

• If you don't stand out you die.

If your station is not winning, you probably have;

• The wrong talent.

• Bad talent.

• The right talent in the wrong role/day part.

So, what to do????

Can you make a change, or - is there something tying you to inferior talent????

Do you accept crap talent and crap ratings in the hope something will change??? What is holding you back?

Great PD's can sense when a change is needed.

Sure, check the research, the LABs, the perceptual, think about the short term damage... then let your ears make the call.

Great talent can make you a better programmer. As a PD you learn how to 'spike' the ratings with great theatre of the mind promos, powerful imaging, and by putting on only the best talent available.

Its rarely easy to let people go but if you are in charge of making decisions at the station that impact positively on ratings and revenue... and your ratings stink, then changes must be made.

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