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Being Better

In July last year I sent out an article called "The Art of Differentiation". It referenced the work of Jack Trout and concentrated on the strategic side of   Differentiation If you missed it, read it on www.phildowsemedia.com

I get many radio people saying to me that their station is "better than the other guys". They monitor and proudly point to the multitude of things they do better& . and very often they do actually have a far better product, but do they win?

Often not!!

"Being different" is the new "being better"

So just how do you achieve the differences needed to reach that tipping point? Here are some thoughts; State your "point of difference" on the air, Hammer it, and take off just about every other message. Then, give your audience specific examples of big differences that will matter to them.

Define and demonstrate your POD.

Encourage staff to come up with other ways to make the station different. Give them some ownership. Station brainstorms can be beneficial. If you take the time to do this, just about every idea will have some merit. The toughest thing about brainstorming is to find the time to devote to it.

Create an atmosphere that celebrates being different.

Network different ideas that you have success with. Tell people. It will make your radio station (and you) famous.

Distinguish between desirable and undesirable differences. Find out what is important to your audience. Make it a big difference. Playing just one more song an hour wont impact. Don t tinker!!!!

Call attention to success that is caused by being different.

Network with programmers who make their stations unique. Often the personality of the station PD is the personality of the radio station.

Read a few books on the subject, not just the strategic ones. Read case studies.

Realize that some differences won't do well in the research. This is just about the most important point.

You need courage. Use your ears. Would Howard Stern have "tested" prior to going on the air?

Be consistent with your vision.

It takes guts to be different, but it is worth it.

Just ask most of the great radio stations around the world!!!

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