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So, You Don’t Have Kids….

Most breakfast/morning shows have a target that is far broader than their actual core.

Its pretty common for a 25-34 targeted station for instance to deliver a great breakfast result 25-44.

Because breakfast shows are not usually music driven they are your broadest daypart.

People 30-44 are usually important to breakfast shows. This means they are targeting people with kids.

I was reading a perceptual study this week from a Hot AC in the US. It made the point that 77% of the station’s listeners have kids.

For parents….kids are the absolute number one topic of discussion.

Kids rule your life. Everything revolves around the kids……everything……. and make no mistake, people without kids simply don’t have a clue.

Life post kids is not in any way similar to a life pre-kids. Many singles have never even held a child!!!!

So, how can a breakfast show comprising hosts without kids possibly connect with its audience?

The answer is they can’t, so sack them all now!!!!!!!!

Alternatively, you could get them to remember that once, they too were kids!!!

This change of mindset, changes everything!

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