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How To Do a Five Star Promotion
Is the contest you’re doing now driving listeners away?

There are only 3 reasons to do any promotion:

  • To get current listeners to listen longer
  • To attract new listeners
  • To communicate what the station is about (branding)

To find out if you are doing promotions for these reasons, judge your promotions on a Five Star scale. Each time you answer yes to one of the questions below, you get one star.

Is it a prize money can't buy?

Listeners want the chance to meet a celebrity, to go backstage, to be invited to something exclusive or the chance to be famous themselves. Cash gives the listeners freedom to buy exactly what they want.

Does the promotion drive on air content?

Being caller 7 is only exciting for caller 7. Listeners want content, their favourite song, a funny morning show, an interesting, emotional topic. For example: Five desperate brides to be, each appealing to the audience for their votes to award them a grand prize dream wedding and not to award it to those other four bitches, that's dramatic and compelling content!

Does the promo highlight the station's music image?

For example, Starbucks aren't going to do a radio promotion at a gas station& it doesn't fit their image. Music from great singer-songwriters like the ones you hear in Starbucks reminds you of what? The experience of drinking coffee at Starbucks.

Does the promo highlight the on air jox personality?

Howard Stern having a listener party with strippers, porn stars and debauchery! Enough said..

Is the promo relevant to your core listener?

If something is relevant, it's something I care deeply about not something I should care about. For example for a station who's target audience is women wouldn't do a cricket or superbowl promotion. If you start giving away backstage passes to meet Robbie Williams& .the women would be clawing each others eyes out to get one!

Source: Radio + Records, Jeff McHugh, 31st March 2006

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